Our design approach is very much client led. Our team of experienced designers and draftsmen will work closely with you to develop an end product that is more nimble, faster and better. Practicality is at the heart of our approach.

At MMK Engineering LTD, we are fully capable of designing everything from the smallest component to a complete large-scale assembly and have experience within a range of disciplines, including; structural/civil engineering, mechanical engineering, hydraulics, production/manufacturing and control systems.


Our Design & Modeling Capabilities

Our experienced engineers can be relied upon for basic concept design, detailed engineering and specification as well as draftsmen for technical drawing. We use the latest software, such as STAAD Pro and ANSYS for analysis.

We don’t want non-conformances to be discovered during operation – we aim to get it right the first time, every time. Because we know how critical an error can be, we manually check everything against third party codes such as ISO, ASME, DNV, or others as required. A detailed drafting is then done using the Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor suites.

Doing all these helps cut costs, control quality and enable accuracy at the production stage. Every drawing is stored and filed so that if any part is required for any reason, it can be produced to the exact same specifications.

Our design process keeps ease-of-assembly in mind. With this, we are able to reduce the total turnaround time from start to finish, or rather design to installation and commissioning. We also factor in approved vendors for supply of material and it is so detailed that even the sequence of parts manufacturing is laid out.

We would be more than happy to visit you at your site to talk about any ideas that you might have, or study any bespoke requirements or custom specifications. We can give you proposal drawings, quotes, full design and workshop drawings as well as do the fabrication and installation for you at your site.