About Us

Based in Devon but working across the UK, we bring common sense to conventional design practices – practicality is at the heart of our approach. We are fully capable of designing everything from the smallest component to large scale assemblies in a range of industries from structural, civil & mechanical engineering, hydraulics, production/manufacturing and control systems among others.


Our team includes professionals who have worked in some of the most challenging industries – including offshore oil & gas, aerospace engineering, civil engineering and of course within machine and fabrication shop environments. We know how important it is for you to have it done right and on time.


We are a solution based company and aim to provide a practical and cost effective strategy tailored to each project and client. We don’t back down because a job is too difficult or dirty, we know how important your project is to you.


We have experience fabricating and machining mild steel, aluminum & stainless steel as well as copper, bronze and other metals or alloys. We have machines capable of handling, cutting, milling and joining anything from light sheet to steel plate several inches thick.

Why Choose Us?

We know how important your project is to you. We are committed to excellence and draw on the experience from some of the most challenging and rigorously regulated industries there are. We have not only managed to survive, but to thrive in this environment and aim to bring this experience through to your project.

We are small enough to respond to your particular project and give you the personal attention for a solution suited to your particular situation.

We are a local firm with a wide network of support available from stockists to various tradesmen and haulers. We are passionate about using local services and suppliers wherever possible.

We take safety very seriously and pride ourselves on our excellent safety record. We have a rigorous system in place which has proven to be not only robust but also flexible to allow for varied and changing conditions to allow you peace of mind while we are on your site.