We undertake large plant maintenance and repair services for all industrial, processing, manufacturing, and commercial companies in the United Kingdom.

Scheduled maintenance

This is generally done during a planned shutdown period or when the plant is running at low production capacity. Our preventive maintenance systems will continue to keep your process plant equipment working without developing any major problems that might bring your plant to a halt or throw a spanner in the production


This might involve making modifications on an emergency basis when something fails – this could be the electrical system, or there could be something wrong with the pipes. Our engineers draw upon their vast experience to figure out what the problem is, the root cause and go about fixing it.

We are fully aware of the need for you to get your plant back to normal, so we try to do what we can, as fast as we can, without compromising on quality – a second failure would be just as bad. Our work is fully guaranteed and we have plenty of expertise with fabrication and machining to ensure that we can get a replacement part fitted even if it is not readily available.

Whether for scheduled maintenance or repair, our rates are highly competitive. We always provide you with a detailed service plan and estimate before we start, which we do so only with your approval.

A realistic time frame is also included, and we stick to this thoroughly, aiming to complete our work well in advance. With this, we are also able to take care of any unexpected delays that may emerge during routine maintenance/repair; and so you do not have to be inconvenienced any further.

With the wide range of engineering services that we provide, we are able to do

  • Mobile welding: Our vehicles are fully equipped with all welding equipment that may be required for just about every scenario. For sites where the power supply may have been disrupted, a generator is also provided by us.
  • Machine installation: We can install new machinery at your plant – and commission it as well.
  • Component overhaul and repair: We have the necessary expertise to do this for you, whether it is large or small.

Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. We also offer annual maintenance contracts that cover both periodic servicing and repair.