We can fabricate work in stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steels, brass, and copper. We are capable of producing pieces of work that weigh up to 40 tonnes. However, we do not consider any job to be too small, so you can get in touch with us even if you need a small part, component or anything else for that matter, fabricated.

Whatever we do, we ensure that only quality work is fabricated – everything goes through a stringent quality check before it is delivered. Our technology helps us to carry out detailed inspections. If any defect is found, we do whatever needs to be done. This way, only quality workmanship makes its way into your hands.

We have years of experience with the welding of metals that are dissimilar. This is more of an art which we have perfected, and we use multiple techniques for various metals. All these in-house methods come in handy when it comes to gears and machine components. Those whom we recruit to our fabrication and machining division are further trained in-house on these unique welding techniques.

We also have milling machines, vertical borer, lathes and elga mills which produce machined components to precision. These range from smaller items like bushes, housings, wheels and pins to larger items like gearboxes, bed plates and large shafts.

Custom fabrication solutions

We also make modifications to existing production plant machinery to help improve their operating efficiency. This is a major financial saving when compared to the costs of setting up a new plant or purchasing new machinery. With our experience, gained from across multiple industries, we can understand problems in manufacturing systems and fabricate practical, cost-effective solutions. We also fabricate bespoke machinery for specific client requirements.

If anything can be fabricated in steel, we can do it for you.”